Forestry Axes

Gränsfors Forestry Axes are made to be used in the forest for everything from felling large trees to limbing small logs. The distinguishing feature of Forestry Axes is a long, rounded edge, with a flat elongated axe head.

Forestry Axes are specially designed to cut across the grain of the wood fibers, for example when felling and limbing, in contrast to log splitting, where the axe goes along the grain of the wood fibers.

The various Forestry Axes are designed to suit a specific function, and many of the models have been developed in collaboration with specialists and professionals. Hunters, forest workers, fishermen, hikers and survival experts have all had their input into the product development of these axes.

Gränsfors Forestry Axes come in different sizes, with a range of axe heads and handle. The smallest, the Gränsfors Mini Hatchet, is only 26 cm long and weighs 0.3 kg. This axe can almost be used as a filleting knife, as it has an extremely thin edge.

The largest, the American Felling axe, is 90 cm long and weighs in at 2.2 kg. This is used to fell really big trees. The choice of Forestry Axe depends entirely on what you want to use it for.


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