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The Franziska

The forge in Sweden is home to a small axe museum with over 2,000 unique axes. Carefully curated throughout the years, it’s a unique sight for forge visitors. Since travelling to the museum may not be in your plans, we thought we would share some photos with our US enthusiasts.

Excavations of Central European graves from 500–750 AD uncovered a special axe – The Franziska Axe – initially used by the Franks, before spreading to the Teutons, Burgundians, Lombards and Goths.

The Franziska Axe was used as a hand weapon in close combat – it paid to keep a firm grip on your weapon at all times. Conditions were very different when out hunting with the axe. It was much more difficult to get within arm’s length of a shy animal than an opponent in battle, but an axe could be thrown quickly and quietly from a distance with great precision..

The Franziska Axe has an unusual shape and was clearly designed to be an effective throwing weapon. When thrown, a Franziska Axe rotates a several times before the blade hits its target. It will rotate once at a distance of 4–5 meters from the target, twice at a distance of 8–9 meters and three times at a distance of 12–13 meters.

This replica was made by Paul – Helsinge design