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The Meat Axe

The forge in Sweden is home to a small axe museum with over 2,000 unique axes. Carefully curated throughout the years, it’s a unique sight for forge visitors. Since travelling to the museum may not be in your plans, we thought we would share some photos with our US enthusiasts.

There are actually two varieties of meat axes. One that is used more in cooking and one that is used directly at slaughter.

The axe in the picture is of the first kind – the one that is used more in cooking. It has a relatively large, almost square neck, which is milled out in two perpendicular directions, so that a large number of blunt spikes are formed.

The bolts on the square side are used to bruise the meat before cooking. The sharp side is used for dividing larger pieces of meat, for example into chops.

An axe used for slaughter has a wider blade, more like a knife. The head is much narrower and lighter than an axe used for woodworking.

This replica was forged by @ritterforge